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Generate More Patient Appointments With a Data-Driven Dental PPC Advertisement.

Dental practices that partner with us witness up to 350% growth in new patient appointments with our targeted paid advertising.

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DRIVE NEW Patients to Your Dentistry With DENTAL PAID Ads

Paid dental advertisements attract the right audience to your practice and drive a steady stream of revenue.

Pay Per Click - PPC Advertising

Fill Up Your Calendar With Intelligent Dental PPC Ads.

The right dental PPC marketing means spending an ad budget on targeting active potential patients and minimizing budget waste. Google statistics show that for every dollar spent on PPC for dentist ads, you get $2 in return on revenue.

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Social Media Advertising

Enhance Patient Engagement, Generate High Quality Leads With Social Media Advertising.

41% of patients choose a dentist under the influence of social media. Dental Marketo, as a dental social media marketing agency, has been creating social media ads such as Facebook ads for dentists since ten years ago. Social Media Advertising is one of the main components of successful dental marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing

SEM Boosts Appointment Requests for Your Office.

With Dental Search engine Marketing, and dental ads you can instantly appear on the top of the results page for the targeted keyword. You get an immediate boost in traffic and patient conversion rate. Budget waste is minimized as only patients who are ready to convert are targeted.

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Google Ads Management for dentists

Boost Your New Patient Appointment Rate with Google Ads for Dentists.

Google Adwords for dentists increase online visibility, patient retention and creates steady revenue for your practice. As a Google Premier Partner, we build, implement, and optimize dental ads for dentists to ensure optimal conversion at the lowest patient acquisition cost.

How do we generate patient appointments with PPC for dentists?

As your dental marketing company, we regularly create and optimize PPC for dentist Ad campaigns that generate ample revenue at the lowest cost of acquisition.

Here’s how we do that.

Market Analysis

Our paid advertising experts use the most accurate data and advanced technology to monitor, analyze and gather information on your competitors’ activities, target audience habits and interests, and market opportunities before creating a paid ad strategy for your dental practice.

Campaign Strategy

Our next step is to create a highly flexible and adaptable dental paid ad strategy and campaign plan, including design, optimization, and content based on first-hand data gathering, market analysis, and past campaign performance.

Campaign Creation

We create geo-targeted, keyword-based campaigns to attract more local patients through your doors. Our PPC for dentist experts use ad extensions and advanced post code and proximity targeting to reach every patient in your vicinity and inform them about the benefits of booking an appointment with you.

Landing Page Optimization

We monitor and test each element of the landing pages of the campaign to improve user navigation, user experience and patient conversion rate. Our PPC marketing for dentists experts optimize landing pages based on user behavior and analytic data.

Testing & Optimization

We conduct campaign optimization and A/B testing to ensure accurate audience targeting, and to determine which campaigns are most likely to bring better engagement and conversion rates at the minimum budget waste.

Measurement + Reporting

We continuously monitor KPIs and measure the performance of the campaign against the competition and previous campaigns of our clients. We identify areas of improvement and strive to implement such improvements quickly and without any disruptions.

Dental Advertising FAQ

PPC for dentists is a pay-per-click advertising service that helps you target prospective patients based on their location, interests, income. PPC advertising helps attain instant results for dentists as they attract and convert hot leads by targeting prospective patients who are actively searching for dental treatment services.

A dental PPC company specializes in creating PPC campaigns to target patients in your area. Here are a few tips for evaluating a dental PPC company:

  1. Review their knowledge about the dental industry
  2. Examine success rates of past PPC campaigns 
  3. Ensure they create customized campaigns tailored to your dental practice
  4. Knowledge of location-specific keywords
  5. Conversion insight and reporting 

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You can also learn more about how to choose a dental marketing company in this article:

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Dental Marketing Agency

PPC marketing for dentists can expand your patient base with laser-focused ads.  PPC marketing is crucial for the following reasons:

  1. Granular targeting that offers pinpoint accuracy 
  2. Converts warm leads faster
  3. Effective use of budget with A/B testing of ads
  4. Refine ads constantly with real-time insights
  5. Stay unaffected by changing Google algorithms

You may also learn more about dental PPC on this article:

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Here is why you should choose us as your dental marketing agency for dental PPC advertising:

  • Expertise in the Dental Industry
  • Experienced PPC Team
  • Transparent Reporting and Analytics
  • Client Testimonials and Success Stories
  • Competitive Pricing and Customization Options

Google Ads for dentists will help dental practices earn new, better-qualified leads. Here is why you need a dental marketing agency to run successful ad campaigns:

  1. Dental marketing agencies can lower your cost per click because they know everything about the industry and have experience with many other dental practices’ PPC ad campaigns. Thus, they deliver less error and more results from your marketing budget.
  2. A full-service dental marketing company delivers end-to-end campaign management, from writing ad copy to creating compelling landing pages, all aligned with your other marketing tactics, such as dental SEO and dental review management.
  3. Dental marketing firms convert data sets and numbers into actionable insights to guide future decisions.

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The cost per click of the keywords you are bidding on, the search volume and competition for those keyword sets, and ad relevance all impact the total cost of dental PPC. Determining the exact cost without understanding all the campaign elements can be difficult.

Discuss your dental PPC needs with us, and we will help you understand how Google Ads for dentists, or any search engine ads, work and what charges they might incur.

The city you are located in and the competition around you will heavily influence your PPC budget. Contact us, and we will figure out the ideal amount to be spent on PPC campaigns, depending on what stage of growth your dental practice is in.

You can pay anywhere between $1,000 to $15,000 per month, depending on the size of your dental practice.

PPC for dentists is an excellent solution for any dental practice that wants to separate itself from the competition and generate quality leads. Dental PPC is effective in the following ways:

  1. Improved search engine visibility
  2. Visible impact on local foot traffic
  3. ‘Click to call’ extension to drive instant bookings.

One of the most important prerequisites to have a successful PPC campaign is to hire a reputable agency. So give us a call today!