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traditional Dental marketing

Establish a strong brand impact by traditional dental marketing services.

Complement your digital marketing strategies with a practical, memorable traditional marketing campaign. Reach out to more patients, strengthen brand identity, and improve ROI with strategic paid ad placements in mainstream media.

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Traditional Dental Marketing

Win over your local patients and become the most trusted practice in the community.

56% of people find print ads to be the most reliable form of advertising. 44% of people visit a practice’s website AFTER receiving direct mails.

Marketing Collateral

Make every marketing instrument an accurate representation of your practice.

Create a tangible impression on your audience with creative and conceptualized print collaterals and strengthen your relationship with them. Invoke patient engagement with high-quality materials, crisp content, and visually appealing design elements that emulate your story, identity, and values reinforce your brand.

Paid Media

Generate more leads and new patient appointments with traditional paid media ads.

An effective marketing campaign is developed based on an understanding of your target audience and competitors. Promote and build up your practice image with creative and engaging paid ad placements on different traditional media such as T.V., Radio, PR, and magazines.

Print Design

Take your practice to local potential patients with a Print advertising.

The right print ad in local newspapers and magazines is an effective marketing tactic to reach potential patients in your community. Our custom print ad designs will thoughtfully craft to show your strengths and capabilities to potential patients and lure them to your office.

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Direct Mail

40% of patients try a new practice because of direct mail advertising.

Run a direct mail marketing campaign that is in line with your brand values, marketing goals, and based on a research-focused approach, converts local audiences into new patients. You may evaluate and optimize direct mailers by actively tracking ROI for every campaign.

Outdoor Advertising

Build brand awareness, maximize local patient reach with outdoor advertising.

71% of people consciously look at billboards while driving. Outdoor advertising is 382% more effective than TV ads in driving online traffic. Analog and digital signages, billboards, or posters serve as a medium of brand expression and help create awareness and attract new patients.

Event Marketing

Gain community trust with local dental event marketing.

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What Differences we make

Expand and improve local patient reach with our ROI-driven traditional marketing.
Create a meaningful connection with your audience and differentiates your practice from the local competition with high impact dental marketing services.

Research & Planning

The in-depth audience and competitor research drive our services for effective marketing campaigns. We consider what your audience wants and what your competition lacks to build an integrated marketing plan that guarantees results.

Stunning Design

We create designs that convey your brand message and incite patient confidence and loyalty. The high recall value of our designs popularizes your brand story and gives you an instantly recognizable identity.

Trackable Outcome

We create a continuous feedback and analytics loop to measure the performance of our traditional marketing campaigns accurately. We implement our findings to devise more successful and optimized marketing strategies.

Dental Marketing FAQ

Though investment in digital marketing is increasing given the proliferation of the internet, traditional marketing is still effective in attracting new patients. Traditional marketing services in combination with digital marketing will work wonders for your practice. You can build a strong brand impact by leveraging the following traditional marketing tactics:


  1. Publish ads in local newspapers, magazines, and TV
  2. Invest in PR
  3. Send direct mail
  4. Do local dental event marketing
  5. Invest in outdoor advertising such as billboards

Combining both marketing methods will help reach a wider audience. Get in touch with our dental marketing company for professional traditional and digital marketing services.

Traditional marketing helps reach a larger population across diverse demographics. Here are a few important reasons to implement traditional marketing:


  1. Traditional marketing seems more authentic and less corporate
  2. More than 50% of people find print ads to be the most reliable form of advertising.
  3. Around 40% of people visit a practice’s website after receiving direct mail.
  4. 71% of people pay attention to billboards while driving.


Hiring traditional dental marketing services is important as it helps reach people who spend time away from their phones and computers. Dental practices that employ traditional marketing tactics can easily become a trusted name in the community.

There are multiple benefits to using traditional marketing strategies. Listed below are a few key benefits of using traditional marketing:


  1. It gives opportunities to connect with the local community
  2. Traditional marketing leaves a longer impression on the target audience
  3. It helps reach the masses effortlessly
  4. Traditional marketing materials are easier to process and digest
  5. It helps connect with the audience in less cluttered spaces minus any distractions

You should hire a dental marketing company that specializes in traditional and digital marketing to leverage the strengths of both mediums and outrun competitors.