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Dental Digital marketing

Attract New Patients by Taking Your Practice Where They Are - Online.

230 million people shop online in the U.S.
With strategic digital marketing for dentists, you can target a large number of potential patients. We build an optimized website for your practice that converts the traffic you drove with SEO and paid ads. Take your dental practice to the next level by partnering with a solid dental digital marketing company.

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Acquire and Retain Patients with ROI Driven Digital Marketing for Dentists.

Maximize your conversion by connecting and driving organic and paid traffic of potential new patients to your dental practice across all digital channels like search engines, social media platforms, and email. Invest in dental online marketing services today to gain a competitive edge over your rivals tomorrow.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Increase New Patient Appointments with Bespoke Dental SEO Strategies

Generate high quality leads by getting on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing as 75% searchers never look beyond the first page.

  • Local SEO

  • Google Map SEO

  • Vertical SEO

  • Google My Business

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Dental Paid Advertising

Target and Convert In-Market Patients Online With Dental Paid Advertising.

75% of people find paid ads an easier source of information they are looking for. Targeted paid dental advertising such as dental PPC Ads generates heavy foot traffic and converts leads into revenue.

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Dental PPC

  • Retargeting Ads

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Dental Social Media Marketing

Strengthen Patient Relation and Enhance Patient Engagement.

Use images, infographics, and videos to engage patients online. Make your patients familiar to your practice before they even set foot into your clinic.

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Email marketing

Targeted Dental Email Marketing Drives 420% ROI.

99% of email users check their emails daily; 23% open emails within an hour of receiving them. Use this powerful, all-encompassing digital marketing tactic for a dental practice to create personalized content and earn new patients.

Email Marketing For Dentists

Content Marketing

Educate and Win Over Patients With Creative Content Marketing.

Content marketing for dentists helps reduce patients’ fear and increase their confidence in your practice. Get your website ranked, get discovered by patients, raise awareness, and build brand identity.

Content Marketing For Dentists

4500 New Patients a Month.

Our Clients Experience 380% Growth in New Patient Rate.

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Partner with a dental digital marketing company to elevate your practice to the next level!

Digital marketing for dentists requires specialization. A marketing agency that doesn’t have much experience working with dental practices and facing and solving their industry’s unique challenges would struggle to deliver the goods for you. But an agency like Dental Marketo specializing in digital marketing for a dental practice has the team, tools, and tactics to tackle any roadblocks on your way to the top. 

Our bespoke dental online marketing services will expand your reach, generate more leads, maximize conversion rates, and ultimately, increase your new patient appointments and revenue. We know just what works and what doesn’t in this process with our dental digital marketing experience, just what you need from your dental marketing partner.


Digital marketing for dentists is the use of various digital platforms to boost dental practice growth. It involves implementing several tactics to achieve numerous goals like brand awareness, recognition, lead generation, and conversion. Partner with our agency to transform your dental practice with an overarching marketing plan.

Online marketing for dentists has proven to generate a higher ROI for dental practices. In addition, it has a host of benefits like:

  1. Generate New Patient appointment
  2. Strong online reputation
  3. Reduced patient acquisition cost
  4. Generates inbound leads
  5. Increased local foot traffic
  6. Develops patient loyalty

Partner with our dental digital marketing company to propel your dental practice forward with bespoke strategies.

Today prospective patients have numerous choices and can easily switch to your competitor with one click. The below statistics will help you understand why digital marketing for a dental practice is crucial :

  1. Over 70% of patients do their research via online search engines
  2. 87% read online reviews of local businesses in 2020
  3. Only 48% would consider medical practices with lesser than four stars

Book a consultation with our company to build a robust online presence for your practice.

Yes. If you are not doing digital marketing, your practice is not growing. A recent 2020 research stated that healthcare is one of the industries where online reviews matter a lot. With prospective patients’ increasing dependence on the internet, not investing in digital marketing is equivalent to being non-existent in this digital era. Get in touch with us to avail professional dental online marketing services.

SEO, PPC, and Social media are the three highest ROI tactics of dental online marketing. These tactics are an indispensable part of any dental marketing plan. Email marketing, content marketing, and online reputation management are other powerful tactics that can skyrocket patient appointments and supercharge your revenue when used in conjunction with the above three.

It is best to partner with a dental digital marketing agency if you want flawless results. You need a dental digital marketing company for the following reasons:

  1. Industry-specific expertise and experience in steering the growth of dental practices. 
  2. A team of seasoned marketing experts. 
  3. A fresh perspective that helps identify the pitfalls and suggests innovative solutions
  4. You don’t have to manage a thousand things besides your office operation.
  5. Cost-effective compared to building a substantial in-house team.

Dental Marketo is not here with the sole intention of selling services and extracting money. Instead, we are your growth partners and brand makers. Here is why we make a perfect fit for your marketing needs:

  1. We are a one-stop destination for all your marketing woes
  2. We have 20+ years of experience in catering to dental practices
  3. We will help you establish thought leadership in your market
  4. We tailor marketing strategies that suit your dental practice brand and goals. 

Contact our dental marketing agency today to elevate your practice to the next level!