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Online reputation management made easy with automated patient surveys.

Provide patients with a user-friendly platform to share their experiences. Deploy HIPAA-compliant automated surveys to gain patient insights that help you identify and bridge gaps in patient care delivery and to improve patient satisfaction.

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Your patient's opinion matters.

Connect with your patients effortlessly pre- or post-treatment to gain real, actionable insights into their experience with your practice.

Dental Patient survey

Enhance your practice based on patient insights in real-time on any device.

Enhance your practice based on real-time patient insights and start communicating with them in the right channel before it’s too late. Create surveys for customer experience, employee experience, product experience, and brand experience. Here is more reason dentists should survey their patients continually:

  • Generate Positive Review and share online
  • Prevent negative reviews from publishing online
  • Utilize patient feedback to grow the practice
  • Measure patient experience across every touchpoint
  • Increase patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhance office staff efficiency and productivity
  • Acknowledge patient feedback instantly with automated responses