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Dental Branding

Transform your dental office into an influential brand.

Dental branding is beyond a dental logo. Dental practices with a solid brand identity see a 450% increase in new patient appointments. Branding is about standing out from the competition with an easy to notice, hard to forget the brand.

Dental Hero Image

An impactful dental brand drives more new patients to your dental practice.

Educate, instill confidence, and trust among patients with personalized content. Use the information to remove stigmas and encourage dental visits.

Dental branding

Consistent brand message drives consistent revenue growth.

Dental Branding is about getting noticed from the competition and reaching the right audience by telling your unique brand story.

Brand identity system

Your brand identity defines how your audience sees you.

Make a bold and recognizable brand identity that effectively communicates your brand message with your audiences. A consistent dental brand is a critical factor in your practice branding success.

Dental rebranding

Does your branding seem out of date?

Rebrand your practice to connect with the modern patient. Involve your staff in your branding exercise, acquaint your patients with how things work ‘behind the scenes,’ focus on 21st-century values.

Brand strategy

An intelligent dental brand strategy focuses on human engagement.

Attract new patients and generate more referrals by showing people why you’re different than others at every touch-point.

brand Story

Your brand story is the core of who you are.

Our branding team will help you to tell the authentic story of your brand journey to your audience. An emotionally and morally connected patient will convert into a loyal brand ambassador for your practice.

Our branding Services

We build branded experiences for emotional connections at every touchpoint of your patients’ journey.

Logo Design & Stationery

Your practice deserves a memorable and unique logo because a positive and professional impact starts with the right logo design. Whether it’s a business card, letterhead, appointment card, or digital identity, our designers make sure to create a lasting impression on the patient.

Brand Guideline

Consistency in typeface, color palette, shapes and image, brand voice and tone is the foundation of every thriving brand. We work with our clients to create a structure that articulates their visual identity, brand messaging and art direction across all mediums and platforms.

Brand Development (DNA)

Your brand identity is derived from your practice’s culture. Where did it originate from, what is its vision, passions, and what goals keep it going. Your brand DNA forms the core of what you are and everything you do and the reason your patients become advocates for your brand.

Dental Marketing FAQ

Branding is an all-encompassing strategy that distinguishes your dental practice from competitors. It includes creating a logo, slogan, design, and other components that create a distinct image for your brand. Branding your dental practice may take a month or two if you hire a professional dental marketing agency. Branding is an extensive process that has several nuances to it.  From understanding your brand vision to reiterating it in every marketing collateral, there is a lot of planning, research, and creative effort involved in branding.

The four methods of branding are personalized branding, co-branding, insider branding, and identification branding. Personalized branding involves establishing a deeper emotional connection with the patients. It is about giving a human touch to the brand. Co-branding means partnering with another brand to create a new service. This method helps leverage the strengths of both brands to create a unique value proposition and a strong brand image. Insider marketing is a method of establishing your dental brand as an expert among important groups.  Your dental brand becomes authenticated on key platforms with this branding. The identification branding method is when patients market your brand as their own. This is one of the most powerful branding methods to establish a positive reputation.

Hire the best dental online marketing services to determine the most appropriate branding method for your dental practice.

Effective dental branding can generate many benefits for your dental practice. Listed below are the key benefits of dental branding:


  1. Creates an authentic and realistic brand image
  2. Builds trust and credibility
  3. Distinguishes your practice from competitor brands
  4. Delivers consistent patient experience across all touchpoints
  5. Increased patient retention
  6. Cohesiveness in marketing

Branding gives a voice to your dental brand in this saturated online space. Hire a dental digital marketing company specializing in branding to build a successful dental brand with a distinct brand identity.

The dental industry is experiencing stiff competition with new dental practices penetrating the market every year. Effective branding and marketing are the only ways to make your dental brand stand out. Here are a few techniques that will come in handy to distinguish your brand from competitors:


  1. Craft a unique selling proposition
  2. Create a catchy logo and brand promise
  3. Choose a look for your brand
  4. Pick a personality
  5. Create a customized website depending on your specialty (for eg. orthodontist website design) that reflects your brand personality
  6. Engage with patients through social media marketing
  7. Be consistent in your marketing efforts


Creating a strong brand identity is the key to making your brand stand out. Partner with a digital marketing agency to create a unique brand that is easily recognizable.

Building a radical brand for your dental practice is no cakewalk. You can build a radical brand for your dental practice with the following steps:


  1. Attract and retain patients
  2. Encourage brand advocates
  3. Forge a lasting relationship with patients
  4. Create a credible and trustworthy image for your practice
  5. Experiment with new ways to market your dental practice


Partner with our dental marketing agency to build a radical brand for your dental practice. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering tailored solutions to dental practices of all sizes and budgets.