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Dental Email Marketing

Transform the way you attract and engage with patients.

Keep your phone ringing, your waiting-room buzzing, and your appointment book chock-a-block with high-impact email marketing solutions customized for your practice.

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Connect. Engage. Stay relevant. Turn prospects into patients.

Engage with new patients, maintain ongoing relationships with previous patients, increase referrals, and do much more with custom email marketing services.


What makes email marketing effective for dentists?

Dental email marketing attracts and converts more leads for your practice than other forms of digital marketing. It lets your current patients know you still care for them via post-treatment care emails, as well as re-engage with previous patients via promotional emails.

  • The U.S. has 250 million email users 
  • 91% of them check their emails daily
  • 86% of email users opt-in to receive promotional emails
  • Personalized emails drive 10% more patient appointments

Our Email Marketing process

Start spreading word of mouth about your practice through your patients’ inbox.

Research & Analysis

We start by getting to know your audience, their questions, interests, and needs. We examine the content and KPIs of your previous campaigns to understand your customer behavior better.

Email Marketing Strategy

We create a campaign strategy based on the brand guidelines, focusing on goals and KPIs and email marketing innovations.

Segmentation & Planning

We segment your target audience based on location, demographics, interests, and various other metrics to minimize budget wastage and increase ROI.

Design & Content Creation

Striking aesthetics. The engaging Subject line, encouraging headlines, compelling content, strong CTAs, honed over years of email marketing experience.

Spam Testing & Launch

Every marketing email in each campaign is meticulously spam tested across browsers and platforms before deployment.

Measurement + Reporting

We provide real-time reports to track subscriptions, open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, engagement, and conversions.

Dental Marketing FAQ

Yes. Email marketing is a great way to bring patients to your dental practice. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy and one of the best investments a dental practice can make. Email marketing helps attract and retain patients while building credibility. It provides value to patients with personalized communications. Hire professional dental marketing services to increase your ROI with robust email marketing strategies.

Potential patients turn to the internet to get information on the nearest dental practices and check reviews. Digital marketing is the best way to promote your dental practice in today’s tech-dominated world. You can use an array of digital marketing strategies to attract new patients. Social media marketing, dental SEO marketing, email marketing, online advertising, and video marketing are among the most effective digital marketing strategies to enhance dental practice growth.  Partner with a reputable dental marketing agency to promote your dental practice on major platforms and establish a solid online presence.

There are many tried and tested methods of attracting more patients to your dental practice. Email marketing is one of the best methods to capture the attention of potential patients. Personalized emails tailored to the needs of potential patients help build credibility and trust. Targeted email campaigns provide value, inform, educate, and engage potential patients. Hire professional dental online marketing services to employ a mix of digital marketing tactics and capture more patients.

More than 70% of people use the internet to search for products and services. Dentists need digital marketing to increase brand awareness and visibility. Digital marketing is important for dentists for the following reasons:


  1. Your potential patients are searching for dental clinics online
  2. Poor online presence translates to low credibility
  3. Digital marketing results are measurable
  4. It facilitates laser-focused targeting
  5. Digital marketing is budget-friendly

Digital marketing, when done right, can transform your dental practice and elevate it to new heights. Contact the best dental marketing company to launch powerful digital marketing campaigns.

A dentist can leverage a combination of marketing tools to boost dental practice growth. Some of the vital marketing tools that can increase profitability for your dental practice are as follows:


  1. Chatbots to engage and assist patients virtually
  2. Map ads and Google ads for dentists to target potential patients near your practice
  3. Yelp reviews to build a positive brand reputation
  4. Online booking technology to enable easy access
  5. Email marketing to personalize your marketing efforts


Partner with a professional dental marketing agency to capitalize on the latest marketing tools and  technology and accelerate conversions.