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How Dental Content Marketing Helps Your Dental SEO?

Is your dental website generating enough traffic to boost the footfall at your clinic?
Do you want to win the race to be among the top dental practices on SERPs? 

A 2019 survey of 1500 Americans revealed that an average American relies on reviews, proximity, and rank in search results to choose a dentist. That means a higher position in search results directly translates into patient appointments and more competition to grab that space. If you want to make your practice stand out on the digital front and attract more clicks to your dental website, you need strategic Dental SEO management

This article explains how efficient content marketing can magnify SEO for dentists and why the two elements are indispensable for a successful digital marketing strategy for your dental practice. So, look no further and scroll down to find tips on managing Dental SEO through effective content marketing.


Why does Dental SEO Need Outstanding Content Marketing?

Ask any dental SEO expert to tell you that user experience and engagement are two of the most crucial SEO ranking factors. Google aims to provide its users with the most relevant search results by monitoring users’ behavior with a similar query, clicking on that search result, and interacting with it. So if users don’t find your website worthy of engaging with, you will struggle to rank high. And this is where content marketing comes into the picture.

Consistent, engaging, and informative content has the power to enhance your dental website user experience and attract more new patients to your dentistry. Ultimately, the uptick in engagement and user experience would boost your dental SEO ranking and convert your content readers into new patients.


Patients: Your Target Audience

Your Dental website content needs to be two things; engaging and useful. The content needs to be curated specifically for your target audience, people most likely to convert into your patients. Here’s why you defining your target audience is the most crucial step in dental content marketing:

  • It helps you create the right content for the right people.
  • Ensures that you focus on the pain points of your audience and not create vague content
  • It gains your potential patients’ attention and establishes your practice as trustworthy dentistry.
  • It increases the satisfaction rate among your new patients, and they would most likely recommend you to their friends and write positive online reviews. 


Answering Patients’ Questions, Build Trust, and Boost SEO Ranking.

Patients are browsing the web to find answers to their questions and seek resolutions for their pain points. If you can provide these solutions to patients through your content, you will automatically establish solid credibility and trust in their minds.


Your dental content marketing should educate patients about various dental treatments and procedures, oral and dental health tips.


Dental SEO is All About Patients.

Your dental marketing strategy should be patient-centric and revolve around educating patients, understanding what patients need, and then satisfying those needs. This patient interaction creates positive engagement, which translates to trust and more new patient appointments.   

Having a patient chat capability on the website to allow patients to ask their queries will motivate more potential patients to become a patient of your practice.


The Unbreakable Bond Between Content Marketing and SEO

There are many areas that Content marketing and dental SEO overlap. SEO demands content, while content marketing produces and distributes content. SEO is based on ranking keywords, while content marketing involves using keywords. SEO requires link building, and content marketing introduces the links in the content.


Content marketing has a significant impact on dental SEO and provides what SEO requires.

Generating content around targeted keywords your patients are most likely searching for on Google can improve your search rankings. Google favors websites containing engaging and reader-friendly content over those that don’t while determining organic rankings. 

Ranking high on search engine result pages gives you free exposure and puts your website in front of maximum potential patients. Subsequently, your website gains traction, and you receive large volumes of relevant traffic on your site. The result? You convert more leads and earn more and more new patient appointments.


How SEO Keywords and Content Marketing are Related?

Content marketing is to SEO what toothpaste is to a toothbrush. One is less effective without the other. Keywords are the building blocks of SEO, and your content must embed them to enable it. However, you must be cautious to avoid the overuse of keywords in your content. It can hamper the optimization or lead your website to get penalized by search engines like Google.


A Dental SEO management company knows how to curate and distribute quality content, directly impacting your reach and rankings without getting penalized.


High-Quality Content Attracts 3x More Patients.  

The conjuncture of SEO and content marketing lies in stellar quality content. The quality of the content is directly proportional to its reach and engagement with the target audience. Therefore, high-quality content can improve dental SEO ranking and Content marketing simultaneously. But what quality content means?

Quality content adds value to the reader. The content may be an overview of different dental problems and their solutions, answers to common FAQs, dos and don’ts lists, handy tips for maintaining excellent dental health, etc. The content must be directed towards your target audience and should solve a problem or answer a question.


Consistent, Original, and Informative Content Drives More Traffic.

Search engines favor the latest, trending, and consistent content-generating websites. The more unique and informative your content is, the more traffic it generates. Hence, the steady development of high-quality dental website content is imperative for SEO.  The target audience, i.e., dental patients, and the keywords should be kept in mind while being creative at the same time. 


The LINK Between Content Marketing and SEO

Including a link to an influential institutional website in your content increases your chances of linking to that site. This backlink will enhance your website authority and improve your dental website’s traffic and ranking.


Why is User Experience Critical for Dental SEO?

User experience is crucial in determining how successful your website is in retaining user interest and maximizing conversions. When patients browse through your website seamlessly and get plenty of relevant information, they will likely spend more time on your site than otherwise. 

Recently, Google announced a new ranking algorithm designed to give tremendous weight to how users interact with a web page and website user experience.

A Dental SEO company helps you maintain and enhance your website’s user-friendliness (UX) by pruning broken links, constructing a sitemap with appropriate tags to simplify usage, and bait robots.txt crawls on the pages.

More importantly, a Dental SEO company’s content creation expertise ensures that your website always has engaging and educational content that attracts users and accentuates the user experience.


How Does Low-Quality Content Hurt Your Dental SEO Ranking?

Low-quality content or ‘thin content’ is a blanket term for useless content, including duplicate content, uninformative content, content replete with ads, and content that lacks depth. So how exactly does such content hurt your SEO rankings?

Every page on your website has some link equity and crawl bandwidth. Website authority will drop if it contains several low content quality pages instead of pages with quality content.

Besides, poorly written content will never retain the visitors’ interest, and they will leave your site quickly. As a result, the Google algorithm sees the page and content as irrelevant to the keyword and loses trust in your website. Ultimately, your SEO rankings will take a massive hit.


Bottom line: Low-quality content kills your SEO.


4 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Content Marketing

As important as knowing what to do with your content marketing to get the desired results, it is probably even more important to learn what not to do with it.

1. Do Not Ignore Mobile Users.
More and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. Do not limit your digital presence to the desktop version of your website. Take it a step further and utilize content marketing for SEO at the cell phone level.

2. Do Not Place Quantity Over Quality.
SEO for dentists is not about compromising the quality to create more SEO targeted content. Low quality, repetitive content can damage your content marketing for SEO adversely.

3. Do Not Ignore Your Social Media Channels.
Plan a robust dental marketing strategy with your dental marketing company to align your SEO with your social media marketing campaigns.

4. Do Not Over-Promote Products/Services in Your Content.
Every business rulebook will contain this one piece of advice – do not oversell! The same applies to your digital marketing plan. Do not sell your products and services in every content you distribute. Nothing turns off people faster than overselling. 



Dental Content Marketing and SEO for Dental practice go hand in hand. The content’s quality will determine the engagement the page receives, eventually pushing it higher in search results. A successful SEO strategy needs the backbone of a sure-fire content marketing plan. 

It is now evident that Dental SEO intertwines with content marketing and successful dental SEO marketing demands good-quality, consistent, and unique dental content development.

Identifying your target patients, addressing their problems, and giving solutions is a foolproof strategy to market your dental content and boost your SEO. Top-quality, consistent content is the way to go!

Dental Marketo

At Dental Marketo, our dental SEO expertise enables us to provide content marketing solutions that help drive traffic to a dental website, generate genuine leads, and make your dental practice flourish. Do you wish to market your dental practice to the next level? Do you want your dental services to stand-out in the crowd? Share your vision with us. We are here to make it happen.  Book a marketing consultation for the best-in-class dental digital marketing services.


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