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9 Dental SEO Reports That Your SEO Company Must Provide.

The modern dental industry has become extremely competitive. Hence, it has become imperative for dental practices to try out innovative techniques to increase foot traffic to their office and gain an edge over competitors. Optimizing your website for search engines can work wonders in bringing new patients to your door. 

A reliable dental SEO company can help you optimize your website for various search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to augment your overall visibility in the digital domain. This will allow you to unlock SEO’s potential to drive traffic to your dental website in large numbers.

However, to make full use of SEO’s infinite traffic-generating potential for your website, you need to track, monitor, and analyze its progress consistently with the help of periodic reports. This article shall discuss what these reports are and how they aid your SEO process.


Dental SEO: Why Does It Matter?

Traditionally, dentists depended on patient referrals, mailers, and insurance companies to gain more patients. But with the increasingly competitive and digitally connected world, these techniques are not even close to being enough for dentistry to attract patients. Without search engine optimization, almost no one will find your website while searching for dental care online, thereby making SEO for dentists extremely crucial.

With proper dental SEO management, you can attract more website traffic, enjoy more qualified leads, create greater credibility and authority for your practice, and ultimately find more patients knocking on your doors. Also, your competitors would be using SEO techniques to be on the first page of the search result and attract patients, and hence you must do the same to keep pace with them.

75% of people do not scroll past the first page of search results. This one statistic single-handedly shows how important local SEO and ranking on SERP’s first page is for local businesses like dental practices.

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Why Are Dental SEO Reports Essential For Dental Practices?

SEO isn’t a one-time thing; it is a continuous process. And just like it is for any long-term strategy, you need regular reports to track its progress. 

SEO reports are a set of analytics used to understand and analyze dental SEO’s impact on your practice. You can also think of them as ‘evidence’ of the work done for you by your dental SEO company. These reports are crucial as they provide advanced insights and statistics about your SEO campaign performance.

These insights can identify areas of strength and make necessary course corrections if need be. Let’s learn a little bit more about this.


What Dental SEO Reports Can Tell You?

Some SEO reports demonstrate the amount of traffic coming into your website from each keyword you have targeted. From these reports, you can identify the keywords that aren’t bringing the traffic volume that you expected. This can be helpful with your PPC campaign’s keyword strategy. You can then analyze why you cannot hit your goals and what you can do to change that.

SEO reports are also crucial for content marketing for SEO. They help you understand what type of content your audience is liking and what it doesn’t. How? With the help of reports that track social media sharing, likes, and views. This knowledge will help you curate content that brings more engagement and make optimum use of your budget allocation for marketing the content.

Ultimately, SEO reporting helps you: 

  • Optimize your website’s presence
  • Identify consumer trends at the earliest and anticipate the new needs of your audience in the future.
  • Monitor your SEO campaign performance
  • Modify your SEO strategy on the go
  • Evaluate if your SEO company is adding value or not


Important Reports Provided By Dental SEO Management Companies

An experienced dental marketing company would ideally consistently monitor your online footprint and try out well-defined techniques to increase the visibility of your brand online to enjoy superior conversion rates. These companies provide detailed SEO reports to their clients about their digital marketing campaign’s progress to ascertain its effectiveness. They even formulate key reports and audits priors to start with the SEO progress to evaluate the best approach and steps to enhance your website’s exposure and visibility while driving more virtual traffic.

For the sake of clarity and to give you a better understanding of the purpose of these reports, we have divided them into three categories based on the stage of SEO implementation.


Reports Provided Before the Project Starts:

  • Keyword Research: This is the core of any dental SEO marketing strategy. It involves evaluating the terms that your target audience is most likely to use while searching for dental care services. Experienced SEO companies shall develop an effective keyword strategy for any dentistry and provide reports to their clients.


  • Competitor Analysis: This would include assessing how your website fares in comparison to your closest competitors. SEO companies use the latest tracking and analytics tools to evaluate competitor websites, understand their strengths, and subsequently identify business opportunities for their discerning clients.


  • Website Audit:dental SEO company shall systematically audit your website to identify and fix any bugs to increase its visibility on the SERP. The website audit also features strategies for link building, SEO tagging, and content development, which are the core of dental SEO.


Reports Provided After One Month of the SEO Campaign:


  • Website Traffic: This report statistically indicates how popular your website is. A robust website traffic report shall differentiate between the diverse types of paid, non-paid, organic, direct, and referral traffic that has visited your website while also explaining the trends.


  • Keyword Performance: While it is unlikely that the targeted keywords used will help your website improve its SERP rankings in just one month, it is essential to gauge their overall performance. This report underlines the keywords that have been able to attract the most traffic. 


Reports Provided After 3-4 Months of the SEO Campaign:

  • Google Analytics Report: The numbers extracted through Google analytics would provide a general overview of the visitors coming to your website, the average time they spend browsing through it, as well as the average pages viewed per visitor. The percentages provided beside each of these statistics typically compare the figures from the previous three months. The Google Analytics report also features goal completion figures, which indicate the total number of conversions for the relevant reporting period.


  • Organic Search Traffic Chart: The organic search traffic chart displays line graphs that indicate the number of users visiting the website over the reporting period. It is pretty normal to view a lot of peaks and troughs in this chart. 

Suppose your dental marketing company is doing its job correctly. In that case, ideally, your organic search traffic chart’s line should steadily increase from left to right, indicating that more visitors are clicking onto your website.


  • Keyword Searches in Google: This SEO report shall display keywords not related to your dental practice but associated with the dental care domain in general, such as ‘dentist in California’ or ‘teeth whitening treatment.’ These varied search terms would underline how well your SEO exposure is working and whether people can find your website on Google easily or not.


The following set of figures shall be made available by a dental SEO management company alongside the top 5 keywords:

  • Position: Most recent organic Google position, and its comparison to the previously recorded position
  • Volume: Average number of users searching for those keywords every month
  • Traffic: Percentage of traffic clicking onto the website from the volume of searches
  • Backlink metrics: The link back to your website can significantly impact your dental SEO services. The higher the referring domain’s rank with links to your website, the greater your chances to attract more visitors to your website. The backlink metrics report would feature a bar graph that displays the number of backlinks generated by the website instead of the ones lost.



The keyword positions and SERP results fluctuate daily, and hence the SEO reports of each quarter can considerably differ from the next one. The most experienced and reliable dental SEO services providers, such as Dental Marketo, strive to keep their clients up-to-date about their digital marketing campaign’s progress by providing them informative and comprehensive reports. 

These reports highlight the transparency of their services and allow you to understand whether your SEO investment is reaping any benefits or not. They can even break down the details of these reports so that you can easily understand their contents.

You may also assess your current SEO company performance by answering a few questions on our SEO Company Evaluation Platform.

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