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What Access Levels Should Dentists Provide to a Dental SEO Company?

In today’s digital world, most new patients find their way to a dental office after coming across it on Google and other search engines. Hence, dental practices should utilize various dental marketing tactics such as dental SEO to stay ahead in the competitive dental market and attract new patients.

Dental SEO can prove to be a very complicated process to understand (let alone implement) for those unfamiliar with it. Hence, it would be worth hiring a dental SEO company, who would have the experience and expertise to curate and implement a successful SEO strategy for your dental business.  

A robust SEO strategy would take your website to the first Search Engine Result Pages [SERPs] of popular search engines, thereby driving more qualified leads to your practice and optimizing your website to convert them quickly. 

But to do this for you, your Dental SEO agency will require access to various tools and platforms. They would need your permission to act on your behalf on these platforms and modify how you use them. You need to know what these tools and platforms are and what kind of access levels your dental digital marketing agency needs to ensure that they do not misuse them in any manner.


Why Do Dental SEO Companies Need Access to Your Website and Social Media Platforms?

When your dental SEO agency takes charge of your SEO, they may require specific access levels to your websites and pages on third-party platforms to improve your overall search engine visibility. When SEO combines with an optimized website and reliable social media plan, it strengthens other aspects of your dental marketing strategy and grows your clientele. 

Here are the permission levels that may an SEO expert needs for a variety of reasons:

On-Page Optimization If you want your dental website to show up in the organic search ranks, On-page SEO optimization will be required. Your digital marketing agency may need access to your website admin panel to optimize the web pages and their components like headlines, HTML tags, and meta descriptions.

Refining the SEO Strategy Your dental SEO company will need access to your company’s website and social media accounts to enhance its SEO strategy. They may use new keywords or improve upon existing ones and then incorporate keywords in your website and other platforms to test results.

Monitoring the KPI- Your dental SEO Company needs to monitor KPIs like search rankings, visibility, organic traffic, bounce rate, branded traffic, etc. For this, they need access to your website and your Google Search Console and other tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster, Adwords, etc.


Website Admin Access Level that Dental SEO Companies Need

Your website’s admin panel or CMS is where new posts, pages, tags, links, categories can be created and publish on the site. Most dental websites run on the WordPress platform, which provides five user access levels, each with different user limits to make changes on the website. Here is the detail about each access level of a WordPress dental website:

1. Administrator: Any user who has access to this level can create content and manage the website, including all posts, pages, comments, structure, and the site interface. You can grant administrator-level access to your website designer or SEO agency. Please note that by granting an admin role to users, they can change your website settings, modify website themes, appearance, add new plug-ins, and even have the liberty to delete even you as a user. 

2. Editor:  This access level allows the person in charge to have complete control over your dental website’s content. Editor level access can add, edit, delete, and publish posts on the site and manage those published by others. An editor can also act as a moderator and edit, delete, or moderate comments as well.

3. Author:  Anyone who can access your website with an author role can write and edit their posts and even delete or publish them. However, they cannot create categories and do not have access to plug-ins, themes, and settings.

4. Contributor:  This level is an extension of the Author access level, but with limitations. Contributors have access to add new posts. They can also edit their posts. However, they do not have access to publish any posts, not even their own.

5. Subscriber:  Anyone with a subscriber user role has permission to log in to your site. They can update or make changes to their user-profiles and change their passwords if required. However, they cannot view unpublished comments or write posts. Moreover, they cannot have access to the admin area.


Third-Party Platforms that a Dental SEO Company Should Have Access

For effective dental website optimization and measuring SEO KPIs, your SEO company would need to access some of the platforms related to SEO, such as:


1. Google Analytics (GA)

Dental SEO is all about driving prospective patients to your website. Google Analytics allows you to track diverse metrics regarding your SEO efforts and monitor the effectiveness of your onsite content and online marketing strategies.

A better understanding of user permissions is essential for dentists as your business data is involved when you share access to your Google Analytics account. Here are the three access levels of a GA account:

  • Account Level- This is the highest access level, which provides multiple websites (properties) and various views. If you provide this level of access, it means you have allowed access to all the properties and views in your GA account.
  • Property Level- A property is a website, and you can have multiple views under one website. If you provide access to this level, it means you have allowed access to all the views on your property or the website.
  • View Level- The View level comes under the Property Level and is its subset. As the name suggests, the view level access allows access to only a defined view of data from a website property. For example, View level access may provide to content writers for accessing blogs on the website.

Also, at each of these access levels, you can provide four types of user permissions to improve your dental SEO rankings:

1. Manage Users – This permission level allows you to:

  • Manage users and their permission.
  • It does not permit them to edit anything or collaborate on shared aspects.

2. Edit – This permission level allows you to:

  • Add, delete, or edit accounts, views, goals, filters, and properties.
  • To create or modify custom metrics or dimensions (with Property level Access)
  • Connect GSC, Adwords, etc.

3. Collaborate – This permission level allows you to:

  • Collaborate on shared aspects like custom reports, segments, dashboards, etc.
  • Create, delete or edit assets (personal)

4. Read & Analyze – This permission level allows you to:

  • View and share reports, 
  • Manipulate report data, like adding filters or creating segments 
  • See shared reports without collaboration.


2. Google Search Console (GSC): Permissions and User Access Level

The Google search Console plays a crucial role in formulating SEO strategies for your website. The GSC allows you to monitor and report your website’s presence on the Google search engine result pages and control what gets indexed on the search page.

Any property for the Google Search Console may have any one of the following permissions for the users:

1. Owner: The owner gets complete control over all the Search Console properties and manages other users. They can configure settings, and use all tools, view all types of data available.

2. Full User: All data available on the GSC can be accessed by anyone who has a ‘Full User’ right.

3. Restricted User: Anyone with the restricted user permission at most can view most of the available data.

4. Associate

  • Associates can’t open or view your Search Console account or data.
  • They can be authorized to perform other tasks. 
  • Associates can be people or accounts.
  • They are eligible to take specific actions on your site. 
  • They can also access some data as per permission allowed. The actions vary depending on the type of association given.


You can provide access to your dental digital marketing agency based on the fact that the Search Console properties can have up to 100 full or restricted users. At least one owner would be required, which could be you. You can have Full Users or Restricted Users based upon what access level you want to provide for dental SEO.

Generally, you need to provide Full Access to your digital marketing agency, but not as an owner.


3. Access Level and Permissions for Preferred Social Media Platforms for Dentists.

Dentists may interact with their target audience on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. You may give your social media access to your dental marketing company for SEO activities. Let us see what permissions and access levels to provide for such platforms.



Facebook provides administrative access for the FB page managers. These are Facebook Page Admin or Manager, Moderator, Content Creator, Advertiser, and Insights Analyst.

  • Manager– can manage roles, add apps to the page, edit page, add posts to the page, send messages, reply to or delete comments on the page. He can even create ads.
  • Moderator- He can send messages on the FB page and respond to comments posted. He can even delete comments and view insights or create ads.
  • Content Creator– He has most of the permission as the FB page manager except that he cannot manage admin roles.
  • Advertiser – An advertiser can only create ads and view insights.
  • Insights Analyst- This is the lowest level of access where one can only view the insights.



If you have an Instagram business account, you need to provide appropriate permissions to your digital marketing agency to promote you there. There are 3 level permissions offered:

  • Edit Page roles – If your business’s Instagram account has a linked profile page, you can give your dental SEO agency permission to post content to promote your business.
  • Add people to your Business Manager – If you are using a Business Manager, you can manage Instagram Page roles by assigning roles here.
  • Add people – This type of permission allows people to access your advertising account, but they cannot log in as you or view things on your profile without specific access.



If you have a Pinterest Business Account, you can add people from your dental SEO agency to your advertising account. Then you can choose the access level for each person.

There are six levels of access:

  • Admin- Complete access like the owner
  • Campaign- Can create and manage all advertising campaigns
  • Analyst- Can view everything in ad account except business and billing settings
  • Finance- Full access to billing for the Ad account
  • Audience- Has permission to add or edit any audience and to view tags.
  • Catalogs- Has permission to create and manage product groups for your business accounts and manage data.



YouTube provides the following access levels, which you can assign as per the requirements:

  • Manager – The manager can add users, remove others. The user can also edit channel details. He can also edit, publish, upload, and delete videos.
  • Editor – An editor is responsible for uploading and editing videos. The user can also delete draft videos, but not published ones. He cannot add or remove users or others. The editor can also be Limited, where he can edit or upload videos or delete draft videos. He cannot access any other role or action.
  • Viewer – They can only view channel details but not edit anything.



While the right dental SEO company would be the perfect partner to take your practice to new heights, the wrong one can significantly hamper your SEO ranking.

Your dental digital marketing agency will require varying degrees of access to your website’s various access levels, social media accounts, and analytics accounts to employ the right practices to enhance dental website optimization. 

Granting these permissions and access to your dental SEO company can help them successfully implement the SEO campaign and improve your dental SEO rankings. They can effectively monitor your website, social media platforms, and the analytical data and KPI metrics to implement strategic changes when necessary, which will ultimately increase your website’s visibility and increase your new patient appointments.

Dental Marketo

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